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Relations between Turkey and Sudan

Relations between Turkey and Sudan

Turkey and Sudan have embassies in their respective capital cities. Sudan has a Consulate General in Istanbul.

Turkey was among the first countries which opened an Embassy in Khartoum just after the independence of Sudan in 1956. The reciprocal high level visits and various cooperation agreements ensured steady development of bilateral relations in different fields.

On the economic side, while the total amount of the infrastructure projects which were undertaken by the Turkish companies in Sudan reach 300 million USD, the direct investment of Turkish enterprises is almost 300 million USD. Bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Sudan is realized 450 million USD Dollars in 2015 (export to Sudan: 424,6 million USD; import from Sudan: 24,6 million USD).

The main export items of Turkey to Sudan are: electrical machines, steel plant, automotive byproducts, boilers, steel equipment, plastic products, textiles and paper.

Turkey’s main imports from Sudan are: oilseed and fruits, sugar and sugar products, unfinished leather, lac, Arabic gum, resin, volatile oils and cotton.

Turkish companies in Sudan are mainly focusing on steel, cement, leather, PVC manufacturing, grain import and export, bakery, curtain, furniture, intercity transportation, and home appliances retailers.

Turkey is willing to establish a long term relationship with Sudan in the field of agriculture, livestock and agro-industries. In this regard, the “Agreement on Bilateral Agricultural Cooperation and Partnership” between Turkey and Sudan” which was signed on April 28, 2014, in Ankara is endorsed by both Parliaments. General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM) of Turkey is already working with relevant bodies from Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Sudan.

Turkey’s assistance to Sudan in the health sector, both vocational training and provision of equipment, continues with an increasing trend in the framework of the “Protocol on Health and Medical Cooperation Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Sudan” which entered into force in 2009.

Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Turkish NGO’s are carrying out both development and early recovery projects along with the emergency humanitarian assistance for the local people, specifically in Darfur region, in close cooperation and coordination with the relevant Sudanese authorities.

Nyala Turkish-Sudanese Research and Training Hospital which was constructed by TIKA started its operations on February 28, 2014. After five years of co-management with Sudan, the hospital will be handed over to Sudanese management.

In this hospital a suitable ground is created for talented Sudanese Doctors to help their people with new technology and equipment. Turkish Doctors are sharing their knowledge and experience with their Sudanese colleagues. Moreover, a medical faculty was opened at the Nyala University to benefit from the hospital. In this regard, the hospital constitutes a role model for the Sudanese health system.

Lastly, Turkish National Police Forces provide various training courses every year to Sudanese police officers in the framework of the security cooperation between the two countries. Up to now more than 3800 Sudanese officers trained by Turkish National Police.

Turkey, within the framework of Türkiye Scholarships, provides scholarships for university education to the students from Sudan.

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