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Relations Between Turkey And South Sudan

Relations Between Turkey And South Sudan

Turkey, in line with the international community, supported the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) process from the very beginning. It recognized the independence of the Republic of South Sudan, which was declared on 9 July 2011, as the outcome of the referendum, stipulated by the CPA.

Right after the independence of South Sudan, Turkey’s Consulate General in Juba was upgraded to Embassy status. Turkish Embassy was one of the first diplomatic missions in the country. South Sudan as well, opened one of its first Embassies in Ankara in June 2012.

Ever since, the bilateral relations has been developing between Turkey and South Sudan. Numerous high level visits have been realized reciprocally. During these visits, various cooperation agreements was signed in the fields of transportation, education, housing, as well as the exemption of visas for diplomatic passport holders. In order to further strengthen the contractual basis of the bilateral relations, the two countries continue working on the drafts of several other agreements in different fields.

In the framework of development partnership between Turkey and South Sudan, Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) continues carrying out capacity building and technic cooperation projects in the country.

There is also strong relations between Turkey and South Sudan in the field of education. In this regard and within the framework of Türkiye Scholorships, Turkish government grants scholarships for South Sudanese university students every year.

In addition, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have provided training courses to more than 50 South Sudanese diplomats since 2012 in the framework of the “Memorandum of Understanding between the Diplomatic Academies of Turkey and South Sudan”.

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