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Relations between Turkey and Seychelles

Relations between Turkey and Seychelles

Bilateral political relations between Turkey and Seychelles were established in June 1995. Turkish Embassy in Nairobi is accredited to Seychelles while Seychelles is represented in Turkey through its Embassy in Paris/France.

The President of Assembly of Seychelles H.E. Patrick Herminie paid a visit to Turkey on the invitation of The President of Grand National Assembly of Turkey H.E. Mehmet Ali Şahin on 18-24 December 2011.

Seychelles has two Honorary Consulates in İstanbul and Ankara.

Turkey- Seychelles bilateral trade has amounted 16,6 million in 2015. 7,6 million USD of this amount is Turkey’s export to Seychelles.

Turkey, within the framework of Türkiye Scholorships, allocates scholorships for university education to the students from Seychelles.

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