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Relations between Turkey and Benin

Relations between Turkey and Benin

Turkish Embassy in Cotonou became operational on 10 November 2014 and Embassy of Benin in Ankara on 16 September 2013. Benin has Honorary Consulates in İstanbul and İzmir.

Former President of Benin, Boni Yayi made official visits to Turkey in July 2012, March 2013 and December 2013. He also participated in inauguration ceremony of Turkish President held in Ankara on 28 August 2014. The Presidents of both countries met also on the occasion of Africa- Turkey Partnership Summit organized in Malabo, Capital of Equatorial Guinea between 19 and 21 November 2014.

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu met with his Beninese counterpart, Aurelien Agbenonci who visited Turkey to participate in World Humanitarian Summit held in May 2016.

Benin was represented at UN LDC Comprehensive High-level Midterm Review held in Antalya in May, 2016 by Foreign Minister Agbenonci as well.

Former Beninese Minister of Environment, Theophile Worou visited Turkey to attend 12thSession of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification held in Ankara between 19 and 21 November 2015.

Former Beninese Minister of Defense, Robert Theophile Yarou visited Turkey in September 2014 upon invitation of former Turkish Minister of Defense, İsmet Yılmaz.

Former Beninese Minister of Energy, Spero Mensah visited Turkey on the occasion of G-20 Energy Ministers Meeting organized during Turkey’s G-20 Presidency.

The Barbaros Turkish Maritime Task Group, during its circumnavigation of Africa made a visit to Cotonou Port in April, 2014. During the visit, officials from Turkish Naval Forces were received by President of Benin.

In 2015, the trade volume between the two countries was over 90 million USD. Turkey exported goods worth 88,9 million USD and imported that worth 2,9 million USD. Primary goods exported from Turkey are iron and steel products, mineral oils, food products. The great part of Turkey’s import from Benin is cotton seed.

Turkish Airlines flights to Cotonou started on 23 June 2014.

Turkey-Benin Business Council was founded on 7 September 2015 in İstanbul. The organization of the Turkish side is completed.

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has been conducting a large project in Benin for agricultural disinfection and cotton seed.

There are several other projects of TİKA in Benin. TİKA has built a vocational training workshop for women in pottery production in the town of Sé.

Upon the outbreak of Ebola, medicine and medical equipment were granted to help Benin government in its fight against the epidemic. An ambulance was donated to Karimama and Beninese medical staff were trained for two weeks in Turkey in November, 2015 so as to fully make use of the ambulance.

Additional building for the Regional Hospital in Adjohoun (Adcohun) will be constructed by TİKA as well.

13 Beninese midwifes participated in a one month vocational training programme in May 2016 in Ankara held by Turkish Ministry of Health in cooperation with TİKA.

A training program for 7 Beninese young diplomats was held by Diplomacy Academy of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2014. Another Beninese diplomat participated in an international program held by the same Academy in 2015.

Within the Turkish Scholarship program, 27 long term scholarships were allocated to students from Benin for the term 2015-2016.

Benin was represented in Expo 2016 Antalya by a firm located in Germany.

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