• At least eight killed in Sudan bread price protests



Turkey Africa Network has been established by Foreign Policy Institute. Foreign Policy Institute is the first think tank of Turkey and over 40 years of its existence it has organized many conferences, workshops, meetings and published and impotnat number of articles in its periodicals.

Although these publications and meetings included several topics about African states its main focus was on Middlea East, Europe and US politics as during the past few decades those were the regions where Turkish interests mainly focused.

However, during the recent years, Turkey has established embassies and representative offices in almost all of the african nations and Turkish businessmen aggresively searched for trade opportunities in those African nations. Currently Turkey’s trade volume with African continent is increasing continuously and it is clear that it will reach to much higher levels.

Taking these close connection of Turkey with African nations, Foreign Policy Institute has decided to start a network which will increase the ties of Turkey and African nations through effective communication with this network.